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International Financial Recruitment Ltd.
About Us
Qualifications of Recruiters
International Financial Recruitment Ltd. is operated solely by Chartered Accountants who have
lived and worked in international destinations in Big 4 Accounting firms and Industry. Our
accounting qualifications and personal experiences set us apart from other recruitment
agencies as these attributes enable us to be more effective and efficient in our placement
services which leads to higher candidate and client satisfaction.

What you can expect from us…
Each candidate can expect to be advised accurately about prospective job opportunities,
career benefits, financial benefits, and if applicable the relocation process and the personal
benefits of making an international move. Also, we provide each candidate with full assistance
from the time we receive your resume to the point you arrive at your new employer to begin

employer can expect to have their needs and job descriptions well understood as all of
our recruitment professionals are Chartered Accountants that have a wide range of experience
in insurance, financial services, hedge funds, private equity funds, retail, manufacturing, hotels
etc.  In addition, the resumes of qualified candidates will be screened properly so that only
qualified candidates matching the job description will be presented for your review. Our
services are completed in a timely manner which allows employers to move at their desired
pace in filling their open positions.

Our Mission
At International Financial Recruitment Ltd. we aim to deliver high quality service to all of our
candidates and clients by offering effective and efficient placement services at no cost to the
job seeker. It is our objective to establish long-term relationships with our clients and
candidates and this attitude is paramount in our day to day activities.